Stormy Belle Isle Adventure Engagement Session

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Would you believe that I almost postponed this session? I pulled up next to Meg and Christine in the Belle Isle parking lot, windshield wipers going full blast.

“Let’s wait it out. 10 minutes.”

Ten minutes came and went, but the rain didn’t.

“Can we maybe just see how it goes? I got my makeup done for this, I don’t want to waste it… we have an umbrella!”

Belle Isle is NEVER empty. Never, except for in a torrential downpour, apparently. The only other people we saw were some frustrated rafters a few hundred yards down river. Despite the rain (and the killer, freshly applied makeup) Meg and Christine really raised the bar on cute, snuggly, dancey engagement sessions.

The result of seeing how it goes is one of my all-time favorite engagement sessions I’ve ever shot, so I guess you could say it went super well. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Meg and Christine for this one!

Meet The Author

Leah is an elopement photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. She loves helping couples step outside of the stale engagement and wedding photo tropes to incorporate real feelings and exciting places into those memory-making moments.

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  1. I love how you creatively used the rain in this shoot! And they’re the sweetest couple!

  2. Beautiful photos! Love the moody vibe- the rain really works and I love how you made it a big part of the shoot instead of avoiding it. Well done and love your work!

  3. Aline Marin says:

    So pretty!! I am sure they LOVED those so much!!

  4. This is a beautiful engagement! I love how you incorporated all the architecture

  5. love the vibe of this session and a little rain just makes it more romantic

  6. Oh wow! I love this setting! It’s a very unique backdrop that ended up beautiful!

  7. Teresa Woodhull says:

    Aww I love that this happened regardless of the rain! so many couples wouldve canceled but they went with it and it turned out amazing!

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