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From the Beach to the Blue Ridge

Let’s Face It.

Big Weddings Aren’t For everyone.

Luckily, that’s not your only option — no matter what that wedding magazine (or your best friend, or that stranger at the grocery store) tells you.

Eloping is a beautiful and intimate way to make your wedding day a celebration of the people and things that really matter.

And I’m here to help you make it amazing.


Small Wedding?

Intimate Celebration?



Call it anything you’d like.

It’s not about the name, it’s about the feeling.

A love letter to daring couples

Leah MacDaniel, a Virginia Elopement Photographer, sits in the doorway of her skoolie and smiles.

Hey you,

Yes, you, with the good eyebrows.

I know what you’re dealing with right now. From the moment you told anyone you were engaged, you were bombarded with questions and suggestions about your color scheme and your guest list, and your centerpieces.

But maybe you don’t want any of that stuff?

Maybe you think your wedding should be about celebrating your love for, and commitment to, your partner and not about hotel ballroom seating charts and Pinterest-perfect DIY origami crane photo booth backdrops. (Yes, that’s real…)

Maybe the thought of saying your deeply personal and meaningful vows in front of a crowd of a hundred people makes you a little, well, sweaty.

Your wedding day is yours. Celebrate it the way you want.

Say “no” to the centuries of cringe-worthy traditions, the hours of forced smiles, the endless hugs given to relative strangers, and to the mountain of family expectations.

I’m Leah, and I’d like to be your guide to your intimate, exciting, uniquely you wedding day experience. Let’s go have some fun.

<3 Leah

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More Than Just An Elopement Photographer

Hey, I’m Leah! (She/Her)

Your N.C. Elopement Photographer

The wedding industry hasn’t built itself up around small weddings and elopements the way it has around big, conventional weddings.

That means couples who elope or dare to venture at all outside the norm can find themselves without access to resources like planners, curated lists of venues, and safe spaces to be themselves.

That doesn’t feel right to me, and so I am creating a space where unconventional doesn’t mean less valuable.

It’s not just about switching up empty traditions, it’s about challenging the industry — and each other — to do better.

My goal with Flit is to make it easier for couples everywhere to celebrate their wedding day in a way that feels true to them, is more sustainable, and a whole lot less stressful.

That means I am so much more than the person who shows up day-of with a fancy camera.

I am here to help to plan and coordinate from day one, provide emotional support and encouragement, and think of all of the forgotten little day-of necessities and stash them in my backpack.

Oh yeah, and provide you with an incredible wedding day experience and stunning photos of the whole dang thing.

We’ve Got This.

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You Don’t Have To Take My word For It

Client Testimonials

Eloping In North Carolina

A newly married couple kisses in the forest on their elopement day near Asheville, NC

How To Elope In North Carolina

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North Carolina Elopement Packages

As A Minimalist, I Like To Keep Things Simple.

There are enough complicated parts of planning a wedding and getting married — deciphering your photography package doesn’t need to be one of them.

For elopements in North Carolina, my photography packages start at $6500 for my Half-Day Elopement Package which includes up to 8 hours of photography.

What about prints and albums, you say? I have taken the guesswork out and curated a collection of printed goods from some of the best print labs in the country! All of those goodies are available to purchase from your online gallery!

Included in every elopement package:

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A bouquet of dried flowers and grasses is secured in a gold-colored hiking backpack for an elopement. Photographed by virginia elopement photographer, Flit Photography

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