Self-Uniting Elopement in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood

From my very first interaction with Lindsey and Michael, I knew they were my type of folks. They were looking for a photographer for their secret, self-uniting elopement in Philadelphia.

Oh, and they wanted to make sure their bicycles were involved.

I was hooked.

[The self-uniting marriage license is one really cool thing about the state of Pennsylvania. The couple getting married can essentially marry themselves, without the need for any sort of officiant. Which means: REALLY COOL ELOPEMENTS!]

Lindsey and Michael met on a bike ride, and had their first date (and every subsequent anniversary date!) at the Tavern on Camac in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood, and it was very important to them that those sentimental details be highlighted in their wedding.

So we met up at the Tavern, where Lindsey and Michael had a drink with two of their closest friends who they had let in on the secret and invited to be their official witnesses. Then we grabbed the bicycles and went around the corner into one of Philly’s impossibly small and cute alleys where Lindsey and Michael exchanged their rings and vows.

We spent the next hour or so winding our way through progressively smaller and cuter alleys taking portraits and riding bikes, before heading back to the Tavern on Camac where a few more friends had gathered, not knowing they were meeting Lindsey and Michael there to celebrate their wedding!

As if their perfectly personal elopement wasn’t enough to make these two my new best friends, I learned while getting to know them that they are both car-free vegans, like myself!

Lindsey even texted me the day before their wedding to remind me of Vegan Restaurant Week finishing up that weekend, and to encourage me to go get some delicious junk food while I could.

Let’s just say, she didn’t need to tell me twice.

VENUE – Tavern on Camac

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