Early Morning Adventures with Olivia + Tracy

Olivia and Tracy Flit Photography Richmond VA engagement sesison

When it comes to summertime engagement sessions in Virginia, the biggest challenge is always finding creative and beautiful ways to beat the heat, without insisting on only shooting pool party engagement sessions.

Olivia and Tracy were super flexible when I suggested getting started at 8am, in an effort to avoid the worst of the heat. Little did I know we would wake up to the hottest, sunniest morning in weeks! You’d never guess it, though, because these two badass women played it cool, got snuggly, and made my job just way too easy.

Here are some tips for having the best summertime engagement session:

  • Bring water!

  • Know your limits. If you start getting too hot, or feeling lightheaded, say something and take a break in the shade.

  • Early mornings or evenings are going to be your best friend for outdoor sessions.

  • Wear cool, breathable fabrics.

  • Head for the woods! Forests and wooded areas are going to be significantly cooler than sunbaked city streets.