Six Easy Ways To Make Your Photographer Love You



It is your wedding photographer’s job to be a professional, and make the absolute best of any situation that may arise on your wedding day, but here are a few simple things you can do to help make our jobs a little easier and more enjoyable.


We’ve all seen those signs. Sometimes they’re a cute little riddle, and sometimes they’re more to the point. Asking your guests to put their phones away for the ceremony means that they are more connected to you and to the moment. It also means that Aunt Mildred won’t be leaning out into the aisle with her iPad in all of those classic “down the aisle” shots.


When you’re putting together your timeline for the day, either with your planner or on your own, be sure to build in some extra time for the inevitable bathroom breaks, lack of parking, lost earrings, tearful heart-to-hearts, and frantic phone calls from your Uncle Benny. In all seriousness, things are going to take a little bit longer than you anticipate, and rushing around and stressing out is NOT what your wedding day is supposed to be about.


and have a rain plan. Have a clear umbrella or two handy, even if the forecast is calling for sunny skies. Worst case, you return them to the store unused when you get home; best case, they save your portrait session (and your hairdo).


Ooh, this is an unpopular one. I felt the whole world flinch as I wrote this! I know you want to celebrate, and your friends want to celebrate twice as hard, but if you have a bridal party or group of friends getting ready with you, consider asking them to keep it to one or two drinks before the ceremony. Drunk bridal parties are difficult to wrangle, and even harder to photograph. Plus, you probably didn’t build in enough cushion time for barfing besties.


If you have questions during your planning process about how something might impact your wedding photos, shoot us an email! Most photographers will be thrilled to hear from you, and touched that you were so considerate. Things your photographer might have opinions about: the timing of your ceremony, when to do portraits, where the DJ will set up, reception lighting and decor, etc. We are all used to thinking on the fly and adapting to the situation, but if pushing your ceremony back 15 minutes means you won’t be standing in direct, harsh sunlight, that’s really better for everyone!


If you’re having a traditional sit-down reception, does your catering package include vendor meals? If so, what are they? Would you want to eat that? Does your photographer have any dietary restrictions? (Chances are, they do!) Believe me, I know that catering adds up fast, but at the end of a long day on our feet, it really makes us feel appreciated to be able to sit down for a few minutes and have something to eat. If you can, serve your vendors the same thing you’re serving your guests (or something comparable). It’s a little gesture that goes a long way.

What do you think? Have anything you’d like to add? Leave it in the comments, below!