An Intimate, Zero-Waste Vegan Forest Wedding

Kara and Jacob’s wedding is quite honestly one of my favorites I’ve ever shot. It was so intimate and personal, with very intentional details. The guests sat picnic style on the forest floor, and the ceremony was officiated by one of the bride’s closest friends.

After the beautiful ceremony, I stole Kara and Jake away into the forest for a quick portrait session while their guests made their way back to the pavilion for the reception. The mossy forest floor and statuesque pine trees made for the perfect setting for some dramatic, glamorous sort of “southern gothic” portraits.

We then clambered back out of the woods, over some huge fallen trees, and back to the reception to meet up with the guests.

Everyone gathered around to eat the delicious homemade meal, and share stories and sentiments. I don’t think there was a dry eye by the end of the evening. After we all stuffed our faces with delicious fruit pies and s’mores, it was about time to go. But not before everyone gathered to send off the couple with a sparkler tunnel!

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